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Committed to our community

From your family to ours

We're humbled by the heartfelt messages we receive from the families we've served. These messages aren't just kind words—they're real stories that show our dedication to providing support when it's needed most. They offer a genuine insight into what we strive for—making a difficult time a little bit easier.

Past memorials

“The ladies at Wolfe Funeral Home, was very pleasant and helpful for us. They gave us great comfort and ease for making arrangements. I would recommend them for your family. I’ve never been treated so great, during a passing of a loved one. Thank you”

Author: Lona Saved By Jesus rated with 5 stars
Heartfelt Reviews

The Wolfe Funeral Home difference

Author:Tiffany Haynes rated with 5 stars of 5
Author:Cole Pettus rated with 5 stars of 5
Author:Tim Haynes rated with 5 stars of 5
Author:Michele Locklear rated with 5 stars of 5

“The passing of a loved one is never easy. We reached out to Wolfe simply because we drove by it from time to time. It turned out to be so much more than what we could have hoped for. They were accommodating every step of the way, walked us through everything, and provided a service to celebrate a life in such a beautiful way. Thank you for helping us through this tough time with your kindness, professionalism, and compassion”

Author:Nikki Watkins rated with 5 stars of 5

“Wolfe funeral home went above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible and ensure we were able to honor our loved one in the best way possible. We worked directly with Joshua & Brittany, and all members of the staff were helpful and compassion during this difficult time!”

Author:Madi Chollett rated with 5 stars of 5
Plan Ahead

Plan for the future, today

Pre-planning lets your loved ones focus on honoring life instead of hashing out details. Learn the choices you can make now, so a future funeral becomes more of a celebration than a burden.